Journal Entry #14


9:00 PM

There’s not much to say on this frigid night. My day was simple: I went to work and, oh, wait one minute! I just remembered, my ex called out of the blue. That is definitely a red flag! He hasn’t called me since 2007. He called and said he missed me, like that was supposed to make me feel anything other than humored. Come on! He doesn’t miss me, he just wants me in his bed. At first he said he wanted to spend some time with me, then it was “let’s spend some time at my place”. The tomfoolery that I have to put up with! I promptly said that I didn’t want to be alone with him. He got pretty testy with me saying, “What, you think I’mma pedophile? Huh, whatchu trying ta say?! I’m sorry I even called!” I’m even sorry he called, he only did himself a disservice. He also said that I’ve gotten mean in my old age. I’m only thirty, he’s fifty. When a person changes and changes for the better, we often get labeld mean, aggressive, etc. I don’t put up with the same things I used to because I don’t have to. He kept asking if I had a man. He then asked was I still in school, how long I had left, and then eased in that he’s trying to get into technology ( he doesn’t own a computer) and I’d be the perfect person to help him setup and email account. How desperate does one have to be to try to get he wants?! Needless to say, that conversation was cut short and I went about my life as usual. Other than this incident, my day went well, and it was rather peaceful. I’m curious to know how you alls day went. Be at peace my friends and have a quiet night.


2 thoughts on “Journal Entry #14

    • Girl! You pop up at the oddest times. 🙂 See, I’ve been writing a great deal. I have a post to right this evening before I turn in for today. Have you ever thought about blogging yourself?


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