Journal Entry #13


8:08 PM

There are times like now when a man would be useful. I need one on personal standby! I’ve been exercising,, whoo hoo! Zumba is just awesome, and I’ve been alternating between that and Jillian Michaels. I just need a good massage. I definitely feel my body tightening up, especially my lower back. Being ah… shall I say, nearly broke doesn’t go so well in wanting to get a massage. I so want to experience this. I normally can’t stand people touching all on me, but I will soldier on because world peace is involved!

In other news, the man I love so dearly actually stopped and talked to me twice, all without being provoked! What?! I almost started fan girling! “Like er my God…like what, like Harry Styles“! You know, I still have no clue why One Direction is so popular? And who are these young men anyway? I digress. But this man just appears in my dreams way too often…NOT Harry Styles. Clearly, I just love the man..oh unrequited love! It’s just a kick in the heart I tell ya. Isn’t it just sad to genuinely love someone from a distance even though you talk to him on a regular basis? He’s just so insatiable. You know what makes this man so irresistible to me? His brain. I love the way he thinks, at least on an academic level. Every word he utters sounds like a story. Meaning he just pulls you in, hanging on every word, and I certainly don’t want him to stop. He’s a good story-teller even when he talks about his life, his desires, all the things he’s passionate about.

How did I get from Zumba, to One Direction, and rest at unrequited love? My goodness! See what happens when you just let your mind wander and let your fingers do the walking? All-in-all, I had a wonderful day! The weather was a bit chilly but the scenery was just so beautiful. The burnt oranges, yellows, crimson leaves are just divine to admire. There is beauty all around us and proof that there is one God running the show. I hope you fine people had a spectacular day and a peaceful evening. Now, I must go in the way of wonderland and dream dreams.


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