Journal Entry #12


7:43 PM

Have I ever told you lovely ladies and gentlemen my dream? You see I have this clear and vivid dream, and in this dream I’ve completed my BA in English and somehow I’ve removed myself from city life. I currently live in the city and when I’ve finally established myself in my career, I want to move to the countryside or anywhere away from so many people. I don’t want to hear police sirens at all times of the night or helicopters buzzing around shining their lights. I don’t want to hear random gunshots that are so close that it could blow through my window. What I do want to hear instead is Nature. I want to hear the birds sing loud and clear. I want to be able to walk into my back yard and pluck from the ground my lovely, fresh veggies. Oh, what of a grapevine!? I want an orchard and a big front yard. My house will have a cozy fireplace; I want to plant myself right next to the glowing embers of hot wood on a cold winter’s morning with my cup of hot cocoa. I’ll get to watch the windows fog up and surrender to nothing but silence, save, the cracking and popping of the embers. It’s not that I don’t like people; I just don’t care for my surroundings or city life. I’ve grown up in the city ALL MY LIFE! When I want to travel on a whim, I will be able to do that because I’d set my life in such an order to do so. Who wants to work a 9-to-5 job for the rest of their lives and who wants to constantly wait until they have vacation days just to getaway? Not me! Right now, I have to, but in a few more years I won’t. I’m working for that time to just do what I want. I want to learn about different cultures in-depth, and the only true way is to rise up and go. Just GO! I am passionate about cultures and languages, and food. I want what I’ve imagined and so much more.


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