Journal Entry #9


4:28 PM

I finally pushed the button of shame approximately ten this morning. I really had to get it in my heart to withdraw from my Math class. It’s devastating to invest nearly four months into a class and have to turn around and withdraw. I cried for literally one minute, picked myself up and went to the grocery store. There’s no point in crying over spilled milk any longer. Now I just have to try again since I know what to expect next semester. I’ve had a lot of encouraging words sent my way. I was told that I didn’t really fail. The only people who fail are those that fail to try. So I took a little comfort in knowing that. I’m human, and I suppose I needed a reminder, that I won’t always ace things on the first try. So, I want to thank those in the cyber world and real world for your uplifting comments! I feel better and more at peace.


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