Journal Entry #5


7:27 PM

So, I’ve been listening to Richard Marx’s Beautiful Goodbye since its release and I’ve enjoyed every bit of it. I believe Marx stated that Beautiful Goodbye was more of a sexually themed record. Some of the reviews for Beautiful Goodbye are mostly favorable. I read one comment that a long time fan said the lyrics for “Whatever We Started” were “unnecessarily sexual, dark, and misogynistic”. Lines such as, “baby don’t pretend we could ever just be friends after I have been inside of you” from “Whatever We Started” and, “come with me it’s what you need, shut your mouth just let it be” from the actual song “Beautiful Goodbye”. I don’t see anything misogynistic about either of those lines. Do you know what I do find strange is that this person has children of his or her own. Take a guess how those lovely children entered the world. Is this album for kids? Absolutely not. I think however, it is a departure from Marx’s usual themed records where he sings about love, romance, a broken heart versus sex, one night stands and such. He’s still an artist and a musician which means he has the right to explore something outside his normal. I don’t generally buy CD’s anymore but this record was more than enough for me to pay ten dollars. I sleep to this record and it makes me feel good. It’s sexually romantic, full of yearnings, and bit of loneliness, and even a need to be carefree. If you’re not into any of those things, then I guess Beautiful Goodbye is not for you.


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