Journal Entry #4


7:26 PM

I have resolved to get back to the basics! I shall from now on write letters with ink. I’m getting back to pen and the pad. There’s a warmth in knowing someone first thought of you and second took the time to pen a letter and mail it to you. It has a more exciting appeal to it, don’t you think? I’m not against typed letters, however, there’s something cold about it even if you have heartfelt words in bold, black, block letters. What ever happened to penning small thank you cards, notes that let’s someone know you’re appreciative of their sacrifices? There is a man whose prompted all of this…fundamental thinking of mine.

Do you know what else I have been doing for the past two years? No? Well, let me inform you. I’ve been living in this same house for twenty-five years or so, and I’ve walked the same trail near my home for about that time, and the same trees with the exception of a few, have been in the same spot for decades. It wasn’t until two years ago in Autumn that I finally look up! There’s so much that we miss when we’re running around trying to make a living for ourselves, trying to take care of our families, trying to please the boss man, that we forget to look up from time to time. It’s amazing how I’ve missed such beauty when its been around me all this time! I stood still and looked out at the vast amount of trees that have stood the test of time, the hills of grass that has been neatly mowed and trimmed.

There’s what I call the “stairway to heaven”; there are so many stone block steps that lead up to what I imaged to be a mysterious place where animals dwell. All that’s there are huge houses hidden behind massive trees and bushes! Now that Autumn is in effect, the cycle of life is winding down. Nature is in its transition between life and death, or perhaps just suspended in time until Spring greets us again. Take the time to look around you. Gaze up at the sky, preferably not while the sun is shining! There’s so much beauty around us and we unconsciously take it for granted. I shall, next time remember to take a few photos of the trail I frequent on my quiet walks.


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