I am an introvert

I do most of my observations in life in this position.

I do most of my observations in life in this position.

I am an introvert. This simply means I’m a quiet person, though not shy in the least. I have to mentally process information until I come up with a really good answer. I do not think quickly on my feet! Any time I’m forced into this position my brain overloads and locks up on me. I often enjoy my company but this doesn’t mean I don’t crave another’s nearness. Many people think I’m way too serious, but I’m not. I just like to think things though, there are consequences for such rash actions. I am not antisocial though often I’m found to be by myself. For every hour that I spend away from home, it takes that much more time for me to recharge. I don’t handle chaos well, for instance, I can’t function when there are 30 people in the room and 29 of them are all trying to get their point across at the same time. I need quiet!  I don’t enjoy group work but am great one on one. I self reflect a great deal, taking an inventory of where I am, what I have left meaning, spiritually, emotionally, mentally.

I’m constantly finding ways to be the best me I can be. I am a seeker, always full of questions wanting to know why and how. I’m not a fan of general answers to complicated issues.  Sometimes I am labeled as mean, standoff-ish, afraid to speak my mind, and self-centered. None of the above is true. It takes time for me to warm up to people, nor do I take to just anyone. It’s true I don’t fit into what society perceives as confident, or assertive, but it’s far better for me to be a listener than a talker. I listen with my heart rather than my ears. I’m a rational thinker though have the tendency to over think instead of taking action. I generally have a difficult time with people who don’t think.

There have been a time or two that I wished I was more extroverted just for the sole purpose of action. I’m one that needs constant challenges. People often bore me. I can’t change my personality, it’s set. However, I put myself through a lot to force myself out of my shell. I don’t use being an introvert as a crutch to not do, that would be a cop-out. I still want to learn and grow, be apart of something bigger than myself.  Though people label me weird, foreign, alien like, I’m just unique. No one can be me or do the things that I do the way I do it. Uniqueness isn’t such a bad thing after all.


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