A little of this, a little of that

Hello ladies and gentlemen! I’ve been quietly and diligently working, well training rather. Every Friday in June, I’ve been training for this part-time job at my college and overall it’s been wonderful. I have one more week left and I’ll officially be an employee there. It’s going to be odd being a double agent! An employee and a student will be a welcomed challenge. May 9th I attended a party at the school. I’m notorious for really loathing parties because they always make me uncomfortable. It’s weird talking to people you don’t know. I spoke with many people and the more I interacted with them, the less uneasy I felt. Just as things were going great, I ran into another person at the party after talking a bit, I was basically told that my degree was worthless! Can you believe that?! I’m majoring in English, Creative Writing to be exact, and I’m going to minor in a foreign language which was also commented on that It’d be useless for me to learn. Man, people sure let there mouths fly at the wrong time. I’ve also started writing about my life, it’s better to get the bare bones of it down and then I’ll flesh it out a bit. I actually have a former English teacher reviewing it. Thank God for her! I have to make the most of my time with her because in three more semesters, I’ll be a graduate. I’m going to miss her and another magnificent teacher up there, whose field is also English. I’ve never made friends with people my own age…not to sound snotty, but most people I’ve run into just haven’t mentally matured to where I am. I know what I want and have expectations of those who want to be and/or remain around me. I expect people to work just as hard as I do concerning character. I’m continually developing my character because I want to be at my best for whomever crosses my path. I do not want to be undependable. I expect the same of people. Don’t sign up to be my friend and refuse to better yourself, that is unacceptable to me. I know it sounds harsh but I simply will not invest myself into someone who just doesn’t care about where they are headed. I’m constantly in self-reflection, thinking of ways to do better, to present myself in a more professional way, to think higher thoughts. I’m determined to meet my goals and dreams! It’s taken a long time for me to set myself in the correct mind frame and I can’t have deadweight shackled to me. No way, no how! I may go more in-depth with my character development in another post if you really want to hear about it. Until then…


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