Korean Culture Is Quite Interesting

Hello again fellow bloggers! I’m back again to talk about my love and interest for Korea. What makes Korea so interesting is the way things are done over there, mainly culturally. I love how children look after their parents, generations that live under one roof amazes me. In America there’s no way families could last and be at peace under one roof. We’d be ready to kill each other. It also seems(I don’t know, correct me if I’m wrong)for male adults who are over 30 can live with their parents, they aren’t looked down on. How does that work? Over here, there’s no way a man could have a stable relationship under his parents’ roof.

There’s so many things we do here in America that Koreans seem to pull off effortlessly. Maybe we Americans should adopt ways from Korean living, I know I have already. Another thing I like about Korea is their mother tongue. What can I say, their language kinda rolls off your tongue when you start learning it. It’s very beautiful. I’m a twenty-nine year old black female, and my mother thinks I am the weirdest of her children. Why? Because as she puts it, since I wasn’t raised around any other races why is it that I choose to ‘go out side the box?’

I think living outside the box is a good thing. Who really wants to stay wrapped up in their own culture? I can’t even relate to my culture at that! I feel a need to expand on things I don’t know about, and why not the Korean language and culture? I’ve gravitated toward Korean entertainment for the past eight years and I love it and I have no plans on turning back.I’ve picked up on some of the language and I’m even practicing how to write Hangul! I also listen to a lot of Korean music, a lot of the traditional stuff.

I’m using everything at my disposal to learn Koreans inside out. Give me enough time I may just end up visiting South Korea one day. All in all Koreans are a beautiful and unique set of people. I’m looking forward to learning more, so if you just happen to be Korean feel free to introduce yourself, okay? Thanks for reading!


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