Cheerios Commercial

There’s been quite an uproar over a new Cheerios commercial. Why? Because the little girl in the commercial is a product of an interracial marriage. In the commercial the mother is white and the father is black! My word, the world is coming to an end! Seriously it’s a bloody commercial and it isn’t as if there aren’t interracial marriages and bi-racial babies all over the world. There’s been quite the backlash over this commercial by over the top racists. First, those people who created this Cheerios commercial knew exactly what they were doing and I’m sure wanted a reaction, or rather feedback on it. Mainly, I believe they may have wanted to test out our country’s stance on racism, and let me tell you it’s alive and well. People can be so uncultured and narrow-minded sometimes! They (the ignorant viewers) also aren’t wise enough to know when they are being tested! People can be so hateful, so hateful that comments had to be disabled from the video that had been posted on YouTube. Sigh.. this racist mentality will never cease as long has we have blockheads who continue to perpetuate such ignorance.


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