An Unknown Oath That Majority of U.S. Citizens Have Made

Isn’t it ironic that our parents, or other authority figures tell us not to swear? I had a bit of a revelation last week while I was in bed obsessing over my final essay for this semester. This revelation had so much to do with my paper and I wish I’d realized it earlier in life, that just about everyone has sworn via The Pledge of Allegiance! In all my 29 years of living, it’s finally hit me that I’ve inadvertently, naively, sworn myself to this country. But first, let me explain. I’m sure most of us can recite The Pledge of Allegiance with the quickness, but if we really listen to what we’re saying and what’s really behind them, it may just shock you! First we pledge our self to the flag, an inanimate object, biblically, and idol, then we swear ourselves to the United States of America, and lastly to God! Think about it, where’s the first place that this pledge was beaten into our minds? You guessed it! Right in school, elementary school to be exact!

It seems when we draw our first breath, we’re immediately becoming indoctrinated. Now, all indoctrination isn’t bad, it even shapes some of our beliefs, morals, and such. Parents, teachers, and other authority figures, in their minds they think this particular pledge is right until they sit and really pull apart the words they’ve just uttered. This is no different from pledging in Sororities and Fraternities. We have to seek out the history behind then establishments, and or “anthems”. I do not believe this pledge is something to live by, and I request a do over! As a matter of fact, I’ve gotten my do over when I became a follower of Jesus Christ. People tell us not to do or say immoral things but it’s taught to us through the school system! Anytime you can fill a building up with young unshaped minds, you can easily corrupt it because children are a clean slate, they absorb just about everything the see or listen to!

This I believe is the reason why God has a difficult time with us. We’ve severely been brain washed with all the wrong things, and when something right comes along we reject it because it wasn’t what we were originally taught. It’s difficult to unmold an adults mind, we tend to be set in our ways, ours ways of thinking and our ways of living. Inaccurate information no matter how harmless it seems can be devastating, it’s like a mother telling her son or daughter that another man is their father, when really he isn’t. Anything could happen when that child finds out the truth. Over this past year, I’ve learned some things about myself that I wasn’t originally aware of until a mirror was placed in front of my face. But don’t get too attached to all these political figures, to me they seem to also be brain washed, and on top of that greed rules in these people’s lives. When you find out something new, don’t push it away because it makes you feel uncomfortable, as a matter of fact, if you feel uncomfortable it’s for a reason. Don’t waste that opportunity to reconstruct your views, you may come out on the other side a better person.


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