Just Stop!

It’s been a while since you’re heard from me no? I was thinking about this subject this morning before my classes, that people want everything to be a disease or disability. When a child coughs, oh it must whooping-cough, or when a child falls to the ground, oh he/she must have narcolepsy, or how about my child reads so slow, he/she must have a learning disability! Come on people not everything is an illness or a disability. As a matter of fact, I read very well, but when it comes to delivering a speech I bomb. Does this mean I have a disability? Not at all, it just means it’s not a strength I have. I’m doing better in math, but there was a time I just didn’t understand it at all. Does that mean I have a learning disability? No, it just means I learn a different way, and by learning a different way doesn’t make you any less smarter than the next person. We all learn at difference paces, some people just catch on quicker.

The VARK model is primarily how we learn, some have a combination of Kinesthetic and Visual, which in my case I learn this way. By touching and visualizing things I get a better sense of how to work certain problems in and out of the classroom. This is how I also can cook/bake without measuring, I just know how much of something a certain dish needs without measuring, which by the way I think makes a better cook/baker.

I really get tired of hearing parents and other “professionals” label a child with ADD or ADHD. Not all children or even adults fit that category, they just learn different, certain things have to capture their attention to get them going. All these labeling just seems like a fast way out of actually helping an individual reach their full potential! Then we have the other side where teachers just teach way too far, and often times I think they forget that not everyone in that class is on the same level. It’s impossible because everyone didn’t have the same teaching growing up. Since I started college 3 semesters ago, for the first time I learned how to do fractions! It was a great feeling to actually know how to breakdown a fraction. I learned it because I had an awesome professor! He kept going over and over the material and on top of that, him going over certain problems helped me to do my homework so much faster! Now fractions are a breeze. Yes, it really sucked to not know how to do something as easy as fractions, but I believe the fault lies a lot with my middle school/high school teachers. I didn’t get the quality education that I needed and that held me back in my mind and it made me not want to try anymore because I just didn’t understand the material. Understanding is half the battle but it puts you at a good starting point. So, no everything is not an illness or disability, we all learn at our own speed, and people especially teachers shouldn’t make you feel bad about that, the least they could do is help you, point you in a directions of a tutor. Any who that’s my spiel for this afternoon.


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