Race & Relationships

There has been a lot of talk about interracial relationships over the years and why people are now getting into it. To me it’s more of a trend like everything else in this world. Soon it’ll go out of style. Race becomes an issue when it’s misused. I don’t really pay attention to it until I start hearing stories of white women using black men for whatever they are after and then we’ve all heard stories of when a white woman is raped or beat, it’s always a black guy who did it. Then we have the opposite side of it such as black men purposefully going after white women because they think they are easy, and they just roll over and take things, they will do whatever to keep their man happy even if it means taking abuse of any kind. I think race is only involved when someones motive isn’t pure. You don’t date or marry someone because of their skin color, love has no color right?

What is it with people and race? I’m so tired of hearing about it. I know the subject isn’t going anywhere but do we really have to keep hearing about slavery times? Most of us know the history between blacks and whites, Native Americans and whites and any other race and whites. I also hear people say they don’t see color, last I checked the only people who don’t see color are the blind. When we step outside our house we see a blue sky on a clear day we see green leaves, so I wish people would just stop saying I don’t see color.

I like who I like no matter what race they are. As far as interracial relationships go, I think that it’s great as long as each parties motives are pure. If you’re in an interracial relationship race is bound to come up, then you have family that may not agree with your choice and may choose to start some mess. I can almost imagine certain family members that would so try to screw over my man if I was in an interracial relationship. Since I’ve never been in one I wouldn’t know how to handle that kind of pressure from family.

There have been many instances where race played a part in people not getting what I wanted to offer, and sometimes it almost caused me to but things back. There was a time a few years ago my older sister and I decided we wanted to donate to a battered woman’s shelter. Places like that are very careful about who they let in which I completely understand. So here’s how the day went. My sister and I went to some stores to buy baby apparel, bottles, blankets, under garments, whatever the shelter needed. So we finally get to the store and we split up to go look around for some items, next I know the white owner of the store followed me around and he made no qualms about it, so I’m looked back and forth towards him and the items, then decided to move on to another aisle.

There he is again, so I say to myself screw this and I go find my sister, she’s in another aisle looking at baby bottles and those little baby socks, my sister bends down to straighten out her pants cuff and guess what the manager is right there staring at us, mean while a bunch of white kids came in a stole merchandise and fled the scene. Instead of staring us down and following us he should have been doing his job, if he had been those kids wouldn’t have gotten away. But since we are black he figured we was there to steal. But in the end we did end up buying what was needed, so we got up to the counter, again the cashier lady was white, she scanned everything and it came up to like $200, so I pull out my debit card to pay and she says we don’t take debit cards.

Now clearly there is a card scanner right in front of me that says debit or credit. She must have thought I didn’t have the money to pay, so to her surprise I have dollars bills on hand just in case somebody tried to pull a stunt on me. So needless to say we got we needed and left. At first we left there mad because it was all nonsense. But I’m glad we had a mind to just get the things, we didn’t want anyone else that needed those items to go without. So we get back to my house and start packing everything up. We leave out again to drop the boxes off at a Battered Womans Shelter, we called before hand to make sure everything was okay. We get there and the gate is closed, nobody comes out to see what we have even though we called ahead of time. So we mosey to another shelter and drop off the boxes there.

There also was another time my sister and I were at the Plaza, now where I live the Plaza is literally right around the corner and down the street, so yeah it’s close to the ‘hood. The Plaza is a nice place it’s clean and whatnot. So we were down there, and we were walking down the street and a white couple was walking towards us and the mans white clutched her purse and her husband’s arm like we were going to beat her up and snatch her purse, then right after that two white girls were walking towards us and they had no intentions of moving, if we hadn’t moved they would have walked right into us. Why do some white people associate us with violent acts? And what’s with the superiority complex? I think it’s ignorance. We all live on this planet together but we’re separated, I don’t get that, I don’t get it at all.


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