Quality Control

Why is it when companies have excellent employees the good employees get the shaft first? I’ll use my experiences as an example. Every job I’ve ever had I was either treated like I was stupid or I was being harassed and sometimes it was a combination of both. Let’s start with the last job I had. I was a machine operator working in a warehouse, sounds like something simple, and it was. So as time goes on I graduate to other areas in the building. I’m told that I’m a really good employee but when it comes around to evaluation/bonus season guess who gets the shaft? Me! Not only did I not get a bonus I got laid off, isn’t that grand? The reason I get, was they are downsizing. How do you cut an excellent employee? As time goes on I get a call to come back to work for them and I agree. So I’m working, I’m being moved around the warehouse to work here and there, then I end up in another part on another molding machine. I had to get used to the people back there and when they found out I could run a machine efficiently, they went to town on me, asking if I could always run the machine.

At first I didn’t mind then later on I felt like I was being used, because there was another person running that particular machine before I even got back there. I guess they call it seniority and they can put the nobodies to work. Here’s the thing that ticked me off, I’m doing all this work and everyone else is just having a good ole time, not working and talking up major gossip. Whatever they needed guess who they came too? That’s right, ME! Mind you again, I’ve learned everything there is to learn in this company I’ve been harassed, talked down to, and if I miss a day of work due to sickness I get questioned, but if it’s someone else it’s just fine, they can miss as many days as they feel.

I feel the person running the company came down hard on the good workers and the people who didn’t do all the gossiping, they wanted to work us like slaves, but the people who caused terror in the place he looked over. How’s someone suppose to run a company in all that chaos? So evaluation time comes up again, you already know what I’m going to say right? I get the boot and the same story of them downsizing, as usual they kept all the hell-raisers and troublemakers. We were sent into the office in two groups and I could tell we were the ones that was going to get the axe. I just don’t understand someones reasoning’s for axing superb employees, someone needs to give me an answer. Anyone want to help me out here?


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