Over this past month, I’ve been having a reoccuring dream. It’s usually in a school setting, and the instructor is always asking me what I want to do and I keep telling him the same thing. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s just Jesus asking me this question. But He keeps asking me, but the second time around I got the okay to go ahead and do what I have my mind and heart set on, which is to get an English degree, for writing purposes of course. My dream and goal is to become a published author of short stories and poetry. Since I have the okay from God, I’m going to go for it. For some weird reason, I never thought I’d get the approval of Jesus, strange isn’t it? I think maybe He kept asking me was for me to make sure it’s what I really to do, and not waste time on what I’m not concrete on. Jesus speaks in a variety of ways, we just have to pay attention to the signs. Jesus doesn’t always show up the same way each time He pays you a visit. So I have faith I’m going to get what I’m seeking after. Hopefully in the future, you all will see what I come up with.


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